Dr. Storks (Cantonese) - 雙面醫生

Dr. Storks (Cantonese) - 雙面醫生 -

Dr. Storks (Cantonese) - 雙面醫生 -

Othername: コウノドリ
Date: Oct 16, 2015
Episode(s): 10 Status:
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Sakura Konotori (Gou Ayano) is a gynecologist and also a pianist known as "Baby." He is the leader of a ob-gyn team and respected by his peers. One day, he begins to play the piano at a club in Tokyo. 10 minutes later, he stops playing and takes a call from the hospital on whether to accept a pregnant woman. He rushes to the hospital. The pregnant woman has never had an examination and the hospital isn't even sure how many months she has been pregnant. Sakura decides to accept the pregnant woman even though there is high risk. He asks the Neonatology team for help. Takayuki Imahashi (Nao Omori) is the leader of the Neonatology team and he prepares for the woman to give birth. 產科醫生鴻鳥櫻隱藏了另一個身份—天才鋼琴家BABY。自小在孤兒院長大的鴻鳥在「PERSONA 綜合醫療中心」工作,以患者為先的他盡心照料每位孕婦。而婦產科的醫療團隊每天也全力迎接小嬰兒的誕生,一同見證生命的奇蹟。

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