Mayday 3DNA - 五月天追梦3DNA

Mayday 3DNA - 五月天追梦3DNA -

Mayday 3DNA - 五月天追梦3DNA -

Othername: Wu Yue Tian 3DNA
Category: Movies
Date: Sep 23, 2011
Episode(s): 95 min Status:
Language: Subtitle:
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Movie follows rock band “Mayday” as they embark on their 2010 concert tour. Interspersed with their concert footage are three fictional stories related to the band’s tour. A young girl in Hong Kong tries to convince her father to let her attend the band’s concert in Singapore. In Taipei, a man and woman bond over their recent broken relationships. Lastly, a delivery boy in Shanghai saves his money to purchase a Mayday concert ticket.

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