The Ultimate Winner - 贏家

The Ultimate Winner - 贏家 -

The Ultimate Winner - 贏家 -

Othername: Yin Jia
Category: Movies
Date: Apr 14, 2011
Genre(s): Action
Episode(s): 100 mi Status:
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Since young, Shi Tian Cai (Li Nanxing) was known among his peers to be the junior gambling king thanks to his gambling addict of a father. Years later, Tian Cai gets married to Zhi Hui who is about to give birth. All this while Tian Cai have been supporting his family through gambling, but with a kid now on board, things just got tougher. Without hesitation Tian Cai dabbles with the high-stake circles and with his talent and reputation manages to make a huge windfall. Tian Cai’s much sought after talent in the gambling circle generates envy from Taiwanesetycoon Li Guan Jun, and each step that Tian Cai takes brings him closerto his nemesis.

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