Be Careful Delicacy - 小心我要放大招了

Be Careful Delicacy - 小心我要放大招了 -

Be Careful Delicacy - 小心我要放大招了 -

Othername: 小心!我要放大招了 / Xiao Xin Wo Yao Fang Da Zhao Le
Category: Chinese Drama
Date: Oct 30, 2018
Genre(s): Romance Comedy
Episode(s): 12 Status:
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A story between two people who bond over food and running a bed and breakfast. Zhao Xiao Xin is a 24-year-old young woman who loves food and dreams of becoming an illustrator. Due to circumstances, she hits the lowest point of her life. Just when she was at a loss on what to do, she comes across an article promoting homestay as a means of healing. She decides to visit the uniquely themed bed and breakfast in hopes that it could be her lifeline. However, she discovers that Fang Da Zhao who runs the place may be forced to close down the business. Desperate to save it, he sweet talks Xiao Xin into staying on as a chef. 熱愛美食且夢想成為插畫師的24歲少女趙小辛,突如其來的種種衰事令她的人喪到極致,偶然間,趙小辛看到關於治癒民宿的公眾號文章後獨自一人來到治癒民宿這裡求治癒,然而民宿老闆方大招此時陷入了生意危機,為了保住自己心愛的民宿,他決定忽悠小辛留在這裡當廚師。趙小辛和方大釗一同因為美食和經營民宿的緣故,認識各式各樣的民宿客人,在治癒民宿共享和經歷了一段段看似微不足道卻感人至深的友情、親情、愛情故事……

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