Journey To The West 2 - 西遊記2 (1998)

Journey To The West 2 - 西遊記2 (1998) -

Journey To The West 2 - 西遊記2 (1998) -

Othername: Say Yau Kay Yi / Xi You Ji Er / Journey To The West II
Category: HK Drama
Date: Dec 3, 1998
Genre(s): Comedy Adventure
Episode(s): 42 Status:
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The Monkey King conquers the fantasy world of monsters and demons with his brotherhood team, led by his Master Tang Sanzang.講述仙界一隻由仙石生出的猴子拜倒菩提祖師門下,命名孫悟空,苦練成一身法術後卻因醉酒闖下大禍,被壓於五行山下。五百年後,觀音向孫悟空道出自救的方法:他須隨唐三藏到西方取經,做其徒弟,修成正果之日便得救。悟空遂緊隨唐三藏上路,途中屢遇妖魔鬼怪,二人與豬八戒、沙僧等合力對付,展開一段艱辛的取西經之旅。

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