Mr. Vampire II (1986) - 殭屍家族 II

Mr. Vampire II (1986) - 殭屍家族 II -

Mr. Vampire II (1986) - 殭屍家族 II -

Othername: Jiang Shi Xian Sheng Xu Ji, Geung Si Sin Saang Juk Jaap
Category: HK Movies
Date: Aug 15, 1986
Genre(s): Horror Action Comedy
Episode(s): 89 min Status:
Language: Subtitle:
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Set in modern day Hong Kong, Lam Ching-ying is a Chinese herbalist who battles a family of three vampires after they are re-awaken by some money-hungry archaeologists. Chin Siu-ho plays a photographer who helps Lam and Billy Lau plays one of the head archaeologist’s assistants.

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