My Disciple Died Once Again - 我家徒弟又掛了

My Disciple Died Once Again - 我家徒弟又掛了 -

My Disciple Died Once Again - 我家徒弟又掛了 -

Othername: 我家徒弟又挂了
Category: Chinese Drama
Date: Nov 19, 2018
Episode(s): 40 Status:
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Game designer Zhu Yao accidentally gets drawn into a new xianxia VR game that is currently in development. There she becomes the disciple of the most beautiful male immortal Yu Yan who had to wait 16 thousand years before finally getting a disciple of his own. Yu Yan carefully teaches Zhu Yao and cherishes her a lot. But when Zhu Yao finally begins to understand some of his teachings, she suddenly dies. Yu Yan then gets a new discipline, the reborn Zhu Yao, and she dies again. He then gets another disciple, and she dies once again…  遊戲設計師祝遙不慎打開還在開發中的「次世代VR系統」,卻意外進入遊戲世界,好不容易被仙界第一美男玉言尊上收為徒弟,結果又撞上一成不變的非玩家角色,發生了一系列啼笑皆非的故事。

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