Queen Divas - 新抱喜相逢

Queen Divas - 新抱喜相逢 -

Queen Divas - 新抱喜相逢 -

Othername: Sun Po Hei Shern Fung
Category: HK Drama
Date: Jan 20, 2014
Genre(s): Family Modern Drama
Episode(s): 14 Status:
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Beingraised in a scholarly family, Nancy Sit not only takes good care of herfamily, she also keeps her husband’s business running in good order. Her sons Evergreen Mak and Pierre Ngo have yet to marry, but they each develop an underground relationship with a popular actress. Nancy begrudgingly accepts them into the family. Joyce Tang, the queen of dramas, and Angela Tong, the queen of comedies, take their rivalry from the entertainment circle into the household. Their seemingly kind mother-in-law, Nancy, actually hides a dagger behind her smile. The act the three women put on in front of each other is worthy of an Oscar nomination and creates many humorous moments. It is not until Nancy discovers someone has embezzled from the company, throwing the family into financial trouble, that each person’s hidden secret is revealed…

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