River Of Wine - 九江十二坊

River Of Wine - 九江十二坊 -

River Of Wine - 九江十二坊 -

Othername: Gau Gong Sap Yi Fong
Category: HK Drama
Date: Aug 29, 2011
Episode(s): 25 Status:
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The story takes place in the Qing Dynasty, revolving around the Sung and Leung Family.. KWAN WAI LAN (Nancy Sit) is the owner of a small business with LEUNG JING YIU as her eldest son (Bowie Lam), LEUNG JING HONG her second son (Sunny Chan), third daughter LEUNG SAU MAN (Casper Chan) and youngest daughter LEUNG SAU YIN (Cilla Kung). YIU originally was a worker at the Jiujiang brewery but due to a natural disaster, rewrote the lives of the Leung and Sung family.Sung family’s daughter, SUNG CHI CHING (Linda Chung), the third mistress DING KA BIK (Elena Kong) and eldest son SUNG CHI CHUN (Pierre Ngo) were seperated. The Sung family decided to adopt YIU as their son and looked after the business. HONG thought YIU became the Sung family’s son for the sake of wealth.Just when business for the Jiujiang wine brewery were going well, Sung family’s long lost son returns and wants to claim back ownership of the business. This results in a major feud between the Leung and the Sungs.Finally, when YIU tied the marriage between CHING and HONG, he was ready to return ownership back to the Sungs. Sadly, his best friend TSANG YUK FONG (Sire Ma)’s father (Lau Kong) causes downfall to the family. The Sung family business is stolen, luckily HONG helps the family rebuild their business. The Sung and Leungs calm their feud. 

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