Sword and Flower - 칼과 꽃

Sword and Flower - 칼과 꽃 -

Sword and Flower - 칼과 꽃 -

Othername: The Blade and Petal
Category: Korean Drama
Date: Jul 3, 2013
Episode(s): 20 Status:
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It is about how Moo Young (Kim Ok Bin), the daughter of King Young Ryu, falls in love with Yeon Choong (Uhm Tae Woong), the son of Yeon Gaesomun had with a concubine. But Moo Young debates whether she should have her revenge, as Yeon Gaesomun is the man who killed her father. Meanwhile, Yeon Choong as theson of a noble blood father and a servant mother, despite his talent, he finds he cannot rise higher in rank due to the fact that he is a concubine′s son. He is later ordered by his father to kill the person heloves, and comes into inner conflict.

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