Teacher Gangster (Cantonese) - 神仙·老師·狗

Teacher Gangster (Cantonese) - 神仙·老師·狗 -

Teacher Gangster (Cantonese) - 神仙·老師·狗 -

Othername: Shen Xian Lao Shi Gou
Date: Dec 3, 2021
Genre(s): Fantasy Comedy
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MengXiao Hu, the adopted son of a gang leader, loves history, fighting, andwomen. On the day of his graduation for his master degree on history, he accidentally falls from a building and crushes a dog after fighting his enemy. The earth god gives him a second chance at life because he had tried to get one of his underlings to save the dog in his last moments. However, his punishment for leading a perverted life is that ifhe tries to make moves on a woman, he turns into a dog.  孟小虎在黑幫打鬥後因好色暈倒,從此當他心術不正時就會被土地公懲罰變成小狗。一次機遇,小虎獲邀到貴族學校當歷史老師。每當小虎教完一段歷史,生活中就 會發生相似的趣味故事。演員藉歷史、孫子兵法、三國故事等等,克服現代人在日常生活所面對的難事。

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