The Devil Inside Me - 奪命心跳

The Devil Inside Me - 奪命心跳 -

The Devil Inside Me - 奪命心跳 -

Othername: Duo Ming Xin Tiao
Category: HK Movies
Date: Jul 2, 2011
Episode(s): 95 min Status:
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Thriller "The Devil inside Me" is eyeing a late June nationwide release, reports. The film tells a story of a doctor using medical methods to commit crime. Award winner Tony Leung Ka Fai takes the role of the devilish doctor in the film. Leung has played villains in some films, but this time the doctor he plays in the film is a complete fiend. "I hope the film can strike a resonance about human nature among audiences," director Zhang Qi said. Other cast members of the film include newly-married Kelly Lin, Anya and singer-actor Victor Huang.

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