What Women Want - 我知女人心

What Women Want - 我知女人心 -

What Women Want - 我知女人心 -

Othername: Wo Zhi Nv Ren Xin
Category: Movies
Date: Dec 6, 2021
Episode(s): 114 mi Status:
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Andy Lau finds a way into the female heart in the Chinese remake of WhatWomen Want co-starring Gong Li! In his adaptation of the 2000 American film starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt, Chinese American writer-director Chen Daming has moved the story background from Chicago to Beijing. The changed setting actually benefits this high-concept romantic comedy, as women in the East are perceived to be more reserved,thus allowing more comedy opportunities to be derived from the contradiction between what they say and what they really want. Besides the superstar pairing, the charming movie also co-stars former idol Benny Chen (Just Call Me Nobody), TV actress Yuan Li (The Bronze Teeth),Hu Jing (Drink Drank Drunk), Anya (Naked Weapon), and American actor Russell Wong.Andy Lau plays Sun Zigang, a creative executive in an advertising agency who happens to be a typical male chauvinist. Thinking that he is going to be promoted to creative director, he is angered to see the coveted position "stolen" by a new recruit named Li Yilong (Gong Li). After an accident, Sun acquires the uncanny ability tolisten to the thoughts of women! This special power is both a curse anda blessing, but he soon learns to take advantage of it to enjoy an easyride in his romantic and professional life. He uses the power against Li to steal her ideas, but in the process finds himself falling for the inner beauty of this archenemy...

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