Who Wants A Baby? - BB來了

Who Wants A Baby? - BB來了 -

Who Wants A Baby? - BB來了 -

Othername: Baby is Here / BB is Here
Category: HK Drama
Date: Jul 9, 2018
Genre(s): Romance Family
Episode(s): 20 Status:
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An unexpected pregnancy disrupts the plans of married couple, Ali Lee and Chris Lai. They initially hoped to rely on their mothers for help, but their mothers have opposite methods of raising the baby, resulting in frequent conflicts. The couple find themselves in a never-ending 24 hour cycle of taking care of their daughter. Due to the circumstances, they hire the expert postpartum caregiver, Griselda Yeung.  Because of the baby's arrival, Ali bid farewell to her career in fashion, while Chris must stay away from his nightly pastimes. In order to make more time for her daughter, Ali makes a career change and takes over a postnatal care agency. With Griselda's help, she comes into contact with many clients and caregivers, giving her a new understanding of being a mother. Meanwhile, she and Chris are drifting apart. She even suspects that he is having an affair with his colleague from the bar, Samantha Ko. Unexpectedly, Chris becomes an internet sensation after rescuing a child from an accident. The care agency instantly becomes a key influencer in the baby industry, which turns everything on its head... 意外懷孕令唐恬兒和葉致廷夫妻二人大失預算,本可寄望雙方母親的幫忙,可惜兩老育嬰方式南轅北轍,衝突頻生,終請來陪月達人王佳妙救亡。因為BB來了,令恬兒狠心告別時尚愛美的事業,致廷要遠離夜夜笙歌的品味人生,恬兒更為事業轉型,毅然接手經營陪月中介公司,令恬兒對母親這新身份別有一番體會,但與致廷卻漸行漸遠,更懷疑他與酒吧同事許晴有染;誰料致廷因一次意外中勇救小孩而成了網紅的「絕世好爸」,帶來翻天覆地的……

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