You Are Too Much - 당신은 너무합니다

You Are Too Much - 당신은 너무합니다 -

You Are Too Much - 당신은 너무합니다 -

Othername: 你太過分了 / 你太过分了
Category: Korean Drama
Date: Mar 4, 2017
Episode(s): 50 Status:
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A drama about a star singer and an imitation singer whose name is ridiculous; their love, hatred and compassion intertwine. Yoo Ji Na (Uhm Jung Hwa)has been a popular singer for the past 20 years, but she holds pain inside because of something she abandoned when she was younger. Meanwhile, Jung Hae Dang (Koo Hye Sun)began working as a Yoo Ji Na impersonator to support her family after her father lost his job. She sings on stage at a club and tries hard to mimic Yoo Ji Na’s songs.

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